I hereby provide consent to the above mentioned child to participate in the activities provided by Mandapeshwar Kripa Recreational Center. I have provided my contact details below and undertake to inform the Mandapeshwar Kripa Recreational

Center Management of any changes to this information. I confi rm that all details are correct and am able to give parental consent to the child to participate in the activities.

I confi rm that I have read the Rules of the Mandapeshwar Kripa Recreational Center and undertake the obligations which it imposes on me as the parent / legal guardian of the above named child. I the undersigned shall be liable and agree to pay the costs and expenses incurred due to breakage / damage while using any equipments of the Recreational Center by the Child.

I acknowledge that the Mandapeshwar Kripa Recreational Center Management is not responsible for providing adult supervision for my child.

Type of occupancy
Interested in
Accept Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Membership and Registration: 

1. Registration is necessary for membership.
2. Ages under 5 would need to compulsory have a guardian with them
3. Ages under 16 would need consent from parents. Consent Form Format available at the Society Office.
4. Membership is open to all the current residents (owners and rentals) of the society only.
5. Owners not residing in the society would need permission from the committee.
6. Members are only allowed to participate in the activities that are provided.
Code of Conduct

1. Respect:
a. Members must treat each other with respect   and courtesy.
b. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of bullying will not be tolerated.
2. Behavior:
a. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior is not allowed.
b. Use of foul language, violence, or aggressive behavior is strictly prohibited.
3. Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs:
a. The consumption of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs is not permitted on Recreation Center premises.
Facility Usage

1. Scheduling:
a. Members must adhere to the Recreation Center’s schedule for facility usage.
b. Every member would need to enter his name/ID in the Recreation Center
inward/outward register
c. All the games and activities would be on 1st come 1st serve basis.
d. No advance booking would be honored.
e. Priority may be given to specific activities or events as determined by the Recreational Center management.
2. Cleanliness:
a. Members are responsible for keeping the premises.
b. Report any spills or damages to the Recreational Center staff immediately.
c. Ensure noise restrictions to ensure that Recreational Center house activities do not
disturb other residents
d. No food or drinks would be permitted beyond the predefined area.
e. Consuming Tobacco products or alcohol are strictly prohibited
f. No spitting or smoking allowed
g. No pets would be allowed in the Recreational Center premises.
3. Equipment:
a. Proper usage of Recreational Center equipment is mandatory.
b. Equipment must be returned/ stored back to its designated area after use.
c. It would be the responsibility of the last adult person exiting to switch off all the
lights, lock the main door and hand over the keys to the security.